Window Cleaning Skill Compilation (funny)

Oh yes, here is an awesome window cleaning compilation for all ya’ll. If you love fast window cleaning and window cleaning tricks then you’ll love this strange video i have put together.

So if you love seeing funny window cleaning skills in videos like this SUBSCRIBE! because maybe in a years time we’ll upload another one… i can be assed!

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14 thoughts on “Window Cleaning Skill Compilation (funny)

  1. I hate it when I trick to stick my head outside a car window but the window was soo clean I thought it was down

  2. Love it man haha. The S Technique is one to master. LOL I'd love to make a video of me cleanin' one of these days. This is classic, lmao! A good laugh man, window cleaning is one hell of a job. 13 years strong, I am still a novice.

    LOL @ 1:40, that's how ya do it in commercial.

  3. I'm going to a interview tomorrow for commercial window cleaning in austin,tx and this was the first thing I came across to prepare me for what lies ahead! Legal

  4. Get over ourselves? If I had done that, or taught my guys to clean windows that way my business would not have lasted 22 years. My back and arms would have given out after the second week. And you can call me Yoda if you want to. Just remember he was known for his mind much more than his ninja skills. Get over myself she says….. Sheesh!!!!!

  5. Listen all you window cleaning Yodas, you are not a window cleaner if you havent fucked around like this. Get over your self .. you put water on a window and take it off the window ,you are Not Neil DeGrasse Tyson

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