Window Cleaning Pricing – How Much to Charge – Minimum Prices?

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The more you grow in small business is the more you have to define what your minimum amount is.

What have you decided is the minimum amount you have to charge in order to provide service.

It can be tough in the beginning… but slowly grow and expand the top as you dissolve the bottom.

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20 thoughts on “Window Cleaning Pricing – How Much to Charge – Minimum Prices?

  1. Why don't you find a smaller company or a start up guy to pass these jobs on to? And then take a percentage cut. Or is it more of a reputation thing, not wanting to risk it for somehow who could turn out to be unreliable?

  2. Hi Mr.Kalfas,just curious if you guys did window cleaning on plaza shops because where I live it doesn't rain much but when it does it seems that the overhang on the shops prevent the Windows from getting would you recommend talking the customers into getting their Windows cleaned during the winter months?

  3. There are a few factors in running a cleaning business. One resource I discovered that succeeds in merging these is the Gabs cleaner blueprint (google it if you're interested) definately the best blueprint that I've seen. Check out all the incredible info.

  4. hey Keith. Started out window cleaning Jan 2016. Your videos and book are inspiring I'm at the point where I'm looking to take on help to get shit done haha.

    massive respect from Blackpool UK.

  5. hey Keith. Started out window cleaning Jan 2016. Your videos and book are inspiring I'm at the point where I'm looking to take on help to get shit done haha.

    massive respect from Blackpool UK.

  6. hey so today. I got a call for a window cleaning job.. I went and did a quote on it.. SHE had 150 panes plus 50 small little French panes. so a total of 200 windows .. I told her 500$ minimum. she wanted to pay only 200$ so I passed!

  7. I completely agree on the minimum charge. I have completely walked away from storefront window cleaning because it eats up too much time to run around town, burning gas on $30 here, $45 there, when you can make more doing one "big" job than running around doing 6 small jobs.

  8. I've had a window cleaning biz for 15 years. Your prices are outrageous. If they pay it and you can sleep at night I guess thats your choice but there's no way you get these prices with any competition. No ones gonna pay you $85 for 6 windows. I make $50-60 an hour by myself charging fair prices.

  9. Hi Keith. What would be the ultimate set up for residential ? I was thinking setting up a van with the water system and have the connects onside the van. Just one of those little vans. With the pole system do you need ladders at all ? Thanks for your time

  10. Aloha Keith….thank you for all your information. My hubby and I have a cleaning and repair business on the Island of Oahu and are thinking of getting more involved in the window cleaning side. We also do windows and screens now, however, will be purchasing more of the professional tools you've showed in your videos. Your information is so very helpful to us. Not sure if you have any info on "How to hire employees", but if you could give us your opinion on how to start having employees, that would be great! We've been in business too long now, to not have any….10 years. Mahalo in advance for helping! Be blessed

  11. Hey Keith, do we need invoices if we're just starting out cleaning windows? Thanks nucka! Also, do apartments hire window cleaners?

  12. I fully agree. And all saying yes to doing jobs cheaply will do is make you bitter in the long run and make you resent the customer. Every time you go to clean the glass you go pissed off. Great video! Great information!

  13. GOD bless you, Thank you so much for such helpful profitably information.The struggle is real for me in my family but your information was a great help in for that I cerntainly appreciated.

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