Traditional Window Cleaning Techniques – Tutorial Video 2 – UNGER

Learn the different traditional window cleaning techniques in just 10 minutes.

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10 thoughts on “Traditional Window Cleaning Techniques – Tutorial Video 2 – UNGER

  1. Thanks ~ Any ideas on how to clean the outside of a non tilting Georgian window that's high up from the inside ?

  2. gotta say this guy has the worst 2 handed method I've seen, if he was working for me he'd be sacked

  3. can someone tell me how to clean windows like a pro when tempratures are -20 celcius…..please help

  4. Your video is blowing my mind! really!! Ever heard of a 36" strip washer and a 6' squeegee side pull. I'd go broke wasting time doing this job with my 18" and/or 22" and develop carpel tunnel syndrome as well  performing this dated method  on  Plate Glass. . If I showed you My Tech,  I would have to charge you for tuition.  whoa! .. All I can say Is whoa!  MY Book And Instructional DVD in Production!! Just you wait and see Fella's…There is a better/quicker way to perform our profession.

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