Traditional window cleaning how to..first clean.

Green Window Cleaning. This is a quick demonstration of how we do a first clean using traditional methods.

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11 thoughts on “Traditional window cleaning how to..first clean.

  1. good video Mr Green. watched it when first starting out myself earlier this year chris33 off the forum ;-)

  2. Good video, all the haters saying they could do three windows in this time! This is a demonstration and a good one at that

  3. i own my own round aswell do u use that small blade all the time ?? jesus if u do how many houses do u do a day 5 😀 :D

  4. Lol this is a joke
    big time I would have done 3 windows bye now and why the fuck do u wet window so much lol u need a pole system lol

  5. Great video. I always take longer on a first clean. Its worth it. It could take 2-3 times as long but the home owner gets blown away by the difference made to their home. And they tend to tell their friends and I end up getting more work because of that.

  6. Thanks hug kiss. In winter I use a picnic cool box instead of a bucket. Great shape for applicators, has a lid and keeps your water hot. ;)

  7. great job . been cleaning windows for 20 years,  like this vid.  lots of good labour intensive . work . like myself if you want to keep that custy  its simple -do a good job . not like them bucket bobs.  they just give pro window cleaners a bad name .

  8. Are you Green from the forum??
    Good video, it shows the reality of window cleaning. I do loads of 1st cleans here in Perth and around the frames are filthy and sandy. I basically do what you do but sometimes I use an applicator with just water to wash the crap from all wi dows then wipe frames, next go round again and do the actual clean.

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