#1AAFriday April 28th Video #3 More Video Coming soon. Portland Police Officers Wendy Hamm…#SMH

#1AAFiday April 28th Still No Justice for photographers. (Video of me being assulted at bottom) Contact Wendy Hamm #45681 and Ask Her nicely to do her job. wendi.Hamm@Portlandoregon.gov cell 503-545-3595 Portland Police drag their feet because Discover A Lot More

Riots in America 2016 – Portland Oregon Anti-Trump Riots – Police Line Conflict & Dispersal Warning

Portland Riots 11/10/2016-11/11/2016 The Hillary Clinton Pests simply do not want to disperse and conflict with the peacekeepers. Imagine if they had come out in these numbers to vote instead of complain about their loss? Although, I guess it can't Discover A Lot More