Portland Mayoral Candidate on Homeless: Contain Them, Call National Guard, Fill Empty Jail

Bruce is actually someone I knew while still at PCMTV in Portland, Oregon. I notice he also blurs the lines totally between wide open drug addiction around his business and the entire homeless population. To support this channel, visit alexansary.tv/donate Paypal: Discover A Lot More

Multnomah County uses Inmate Labor to Help Evict Homeless on Portland’s Eastside

Mike Smith of FTP Portland and Jeff G. capture revealing footage of multnomah county using inmates to do work that they won't do themselves or pay someone (properly) to do. The video also documents the harsh terrain that many of Portland's homeless Discover A Lot More

Homeless Christmas Wishes | Portland Rescue Mission (Meals, shelter, and addiction recovery)

Men and women facing homelessness and joblessness aren't so different than you or me. Give the gift of HOPE this Christmas. See 12 items you can give through our "Hope for the Holidays" Gift Guide: Visit www.PortlandRescueMission.org/GiftGuide. Angels Discover A Lot More

DEAR MAYOR #2: Exposing The REAL Homeless Problem in Portland, OR! Feces, Garbage & Drugs!!! (2017)

The subscriber that recommended I investigate this area is "Kevin Bender". Please send this video to MayorWheeler@portlandoregon.gov. I have already done so myself. Please record other instances you see like this if you are a Portland resident and Discover A Lot More