Puscifer – Money Shot (Live In Portland, ME 4-8-16)

R.I.P Levi Pooler 🙁 … Originally, I did not published this video with the rest of the footage from this concert because it didn’t make the cut. It was just hanging out… unpublished. I went to this show with a dear friend… A brother.. an amazing person whom I bought a ticket for… Because he is such a huge Maynard/Tool/Puscifer/APC fan… and I couldn’t think of anyone better to go with. But in late 2016 he died in a fatal car accident.. and I dedicate this video to him. He is sitting right next to me during this show and we had such a blast!!! just like we did when we flew to Arizona to see the only Tool show that year and smoked DMT and ate mushrooms in Sedona.. also going to Jerome, Arizona where Maynard resides. I miss you brother.. this is for you! RIP

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