Portland Police Sgt E. Smith says says filming police is a crime

The U.S. Appeals court has held filming the police is a constitutional right. (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glik_v._Cunniffe) Oregon law also protects filming the police and Portland Police Sgt. E. Smith #29991. and Officer Steven McHugill #24736 should know better as their bureau has done training and there has been plenty of communication on the matter.

Also reaching into a pocket while not advised is totally legal. And even more so since this was an intimidation tactic detention it is Portland Police who were breaking the law.

Portland Police is engaging in a pattern of targeting key protestors with charges for exercising their rights and using excessive force and threats of arrest inconsistent with the law.

ACLU tweet: https://twitter.com/ACLU_OR/status/804141425784782848

Update: Case was dismissed by judge who found in my favor and said she did not believe police officers who claimed I violated pedestrian traffic law. My case defending against the citation on the basis that the officers were infringing on my first amendment right and harassing me in an effort to intimidate me into not protesting.

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