Lee Burbidge’s Crazy World Of Window Cleaning

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Stay safe, dont be another accident!

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11 thoughts on “Lee Burbidge’s Crazy World Of Window Cleaning

  1. i really dont know if its a thumps up or a thumps down post. Such stupid people. actually you just can laugh. on the other side you just can shake your head.

  2. well i now officially hate the sound of bubbles, and is there any chance the over-dub jokes could be more..um….funny? Awww just mashing ya mate…good effort, and i agree with most of it but the truth is that the crazy stuff us window guys do is the only stuff that gives us any popularity and fun at our jobs, i basically risk my life on a daily basis and im not even in the city! Without risky crazy moves no one would care what window washers do, we would be as invisible as the glass we leave behind.

  3. Over one minute just on Intro….way too long on YouTube….sorry I just skipped ur video when you came on…..too too long with the cutesy cutesy edit steam…..

  4. Its just a window……………. No client expects you to kill yourself trying to reach that tricky one.

  5. health and safety how many injured and how many died in this video ? leave the guys aloan to do what they are good at.

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