Interior Window Cleaning Chemistry / Tips for no Drips

I tasted the drop of Dawn to emphasize how little substance there is to a sudsy bubble. If for some reason you have too much Dawn, you can always add water.

Interior Window Cleaning Tips For no Drips, gives a brief explanation for why we mix our solution the way we do.

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10 thoughts on “Interior Window Cleaning Chemistry / Tips for no Drips

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  3. That is way too much soap. I use a cap full for 1 gallon. Spray the windows with a sprayer and there won't be any drips…. As long as you keep the mop rung out….. Lots of time wasted in all your videos I've watched.

  4. holy soap soup batman!!! that's a lot of dawn. I put that much dawn in 3 gallons of water. after you have cleaned 3 windows your mop will be embedded with dirt and/or your bucket water will be contaminated with window dirt after rinsing your mop. whether you have super soap concentrate on your mop or a lighter concentration the dirt is still there. if you drip a higher of lesser soap concentrated water the same amount of dirt will still be in those drips and on the customers carpets. just use less water on the mop so you don't drip, that's the main point I see your trying to communicate.

  5. Nice science..but why not just put a couple cheap bath towels down just below the window (obviously)and when needed move it or them to the next window with feet,…I'm not trying to minimize your methods,as a matter of fact I'm looking forward to trying out what you showed as I want the most efficient way possible…thanks for sharing your knowledge

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