How to Start a Window Cleaning Business? With NO Money! “Tutorial, Tools & Tips”

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How to Start a Window Cleaning Business? With NO Money!
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How to Start a Window Cleaning Business
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I was flat BROKE and literally got my window cleaning business off the ground with less than .

My back was against the wall.

I was so desperate to pay my rent that I SOLD and BOOKED 42 biweekly Window Cleaning Jobs in 48 hours.

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20 thoughts on “How to Start a Window Cleaning Business? With NO Money! “Tutorial, Tools & Tips”

  1. Hi Mr.Kalfas,just curious if you guys did window cleaning on plaza shops because where I live it doesn't rain much but when it does it seems that the overhang on the shops prevent the Windows from getting would you recommend talking the customers into getting their Windows cleaned during the winter months?

  2. Dude your a fucking boss just started in the business your videos rock I learn so much thank you

  3. here's a few things to consider before you start your own cleaning business
    are you likely to have support from you spouse?
    Are you self-motivated?
    Will you carry out your plan?
    Do you have the money to go ahead?
    (I read these and why they work from Gabs cleaner blueprint website )

  4. Just want to say.. What you're doing, is so good. Making theses videos makes young people like me, have more hope in life. I have always wanted to be a window cleaner and my mates/family never really believed in me. So i never really thought it would happen. But after watching your videos, you being in the same situation as me when you started. Its mad i believe in myself so much more now! And I'm gonna go do itt :)

  5. how is their no overhead? u have truck, insurance, $1,200 pole for cleaning, computer, phone, cleaner material.

  6. You give me so much hope and it's promising I'm not into landscaping but cleaning I feel like I can master this I'm a woman and feel a little nervous

  7. five dollars for inside and out? Or just the outside? Do you charge extra for the tracks? Screens?

  8. It's 5:25 am and I've Been watching your vids 4 the past 3 hours even tho I'm 13 and haven't a clue about landscaping stuff

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