Buckethead – July 9, 2016, Portland, OR @Revolution Hall (Full Concert, Front Row) 1080P

Buckethead plays live at the Revolution Hall in Portland on 07/09/2016. It was an amazing show. If you haven’t done so already, please go to a Buckethead concert; it’s an amazing and unforgettable experience!

My camera briefly stopped recording three times during the show which caused three couple-second cuts in three songs. The reason behind this is because the file system on my SD card is formatted as a FAT32, which can only hold files of a maximum file size of 4GB (about 33:25 of 1080p video). I do apologize for the inconvenience. I’m also not the best camera man either, so I apologize for that as well.

[5:13] 1. Jowls
[9:37] 2. Gory Head Stump 2006: The Pageant Of The Slunks
[16:03] 3. Soothsayer
[25:05] 4. Meta-Matic
[31:15] 5. Botnus*
[34:29] 6. The Embalmer
[38:31] 7. Fountains Of The Forgotten
[41:51] 8. Baseball Furies
[44:32] 9. Turbine
[45:03] 10. Star Wars/Shredding
[47:35] 11. Night Of The Slunk
[51:10] ~~INTERMISSION~~
[56:03] 12. Jordan
[59:58] 13. Buckethead’s Toy Store/Pure Imagination*
[1:08:17] 14. Want Some Slaw?/Hog Bitch Stomp
[1:14:09] 15. Revenge Of The Double Man
[1:22:39] 16. Lebrontron
[1:27:35] 17. Welcome To Bucketheadland
[1:31:04] 18. Kareem’s Footprint
[1:34:45] 19. Giant Robot
[1:36:40] 20. Crash Victim/Animal Behavior
[1:39:49] 21. Nottingham Lace*

* = Songs where a brief camera cutout occurred.

This was recorded with my old Samsung Galaxy S4. Great picture and sound quality for an “old” phone.

Thanks to the people in the comments who helped me with the song names in the Setlist!

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