6 Tips Before Starting a Window Cleaning Business

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6 Tips Before Starting a Window Cleaning Business


My new book How to Make 0 a Day Cleaning Windows (On Paperback) is Finally out.

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Starting and running a small business is extremely challenging.

Trust me I know.

There are times when we are so stressed out that we feel paralyzed.

If your trying to make more money in the window cleaning game.

Or your frustrated and don’t understand why anyone would even consider paying to have their windows cleaned.

I know how you feel. Still today I have to pass on jobs because the price is too low.

I believe my new book cuts through a lot of the clutter and really explains the misconceptions about the window cleaning business.

If you get a copy sent to your house
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And thank you thank you thank you
So much for pursuing your dreams for your family and yourself.

I believe and you and thanks for believing in me.

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Keith Kalfas

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18 thoughts on “6 Tips Before Starting a Window Cleaning Business

  1. hey kitt i realy enjoy waching your vidios is been helping me a lot.but i have a question do you have a diferent licence for window cleaning?

  2. Super cool. One day in the near future we're going to collaborate Keith!

    I'm based in Toronto and I've been running my low-rise window cleaning company, Tiger Building Services, since June 2014. You are absolutely correct… it's a fantastic business model and if you don't adapt and try new things you will fail and feel burnt out. My father has owned a window cleaning company for 25+ years. I worked for him on and off since I was 12 years old. But after university I was trapped in that conventional mindset of needing to go and get a real job! After getting tired of the suit and tie Government Business Analyst Office Work I grabbed a squeegee and a bucket and said I want to more control of my life and to make some real money!

    You are an inspiration. Bit by bit I am gearing up to really start crushing it here in the Greater Toronto Area. Prior to 2016 I had never done residential window cleaning. I stand here at the end of 2016 with over 120 homes under my belt. Next year I am aiming for 400 homes!

    I wish you all the best bro! Keep Grinding and Happy Hunting!

  3. What's up brother love your videos and need some advice. I have some money and want to start my landscaping business, I don't know much about it but know some and am very eager to learn. What do you think my first step should be?

  4. Hey, Keith went around my neighborhood after saving up for supplies I bought a small shop vac cleaning material you recommended and but everything in the trunk I took a few "NO's" but my community is pretty am big so I kept knocking, it may not sound like much but I made 300 bucks this month, not including gas and supplies but, sure dam is a result. My part time job flipping burgers gets in the way of it but I know soon i'll be able to quit.

  5. I saw you were located in Michigan, and you said you started your window cleaning business in the winter. Was this the best time to start it and how did you get around issues like water freezing? Iam interested in doing the same. If you already addressed it forgive me because iam new to the channel.


  7. ordered your book off amazon along with a unger cleaner belt, gotta pick up my (old technology 1000 buisness cards tomorrow) lol but I am learning on how to market my business online as well. Ive been traditionally door knock meet n greet and gotten a surprising amount of business as well. Cant wait til the book comes in there are still some things im learning, but hey thatll happen til the day we die, 35 yrs old trynna get a small business off the ground!

  8. Do you have any advice for a very talented professional window cleaner who is still an employee to a window cleaning company? How can I make the most money being a top employee?

  9. Keith i have watched your videos forever you have encouraged me to get clean off drugs and change my life is your books avsilable in audiobook version? please keep grinding. thanks.

  10. Keith,thanks for all you do for us newbs, I was a school custodian for 13 years so I have work ethic side down,just need a lot of help in getting customers,and yes you are right it takes more than hard work to get succeed,people buy brands not products

  11. I want to do this. I am currently the lead subcontractor for a local company in my area. I was wondering if it would be possible to do this through my company given I have permission from owner and how do I go about talking him into it. We are small but we have four schools and some big factories we mow so I wouldn't say we are really small scale.

  12. gonna buy your books man… just starting out gardening and may as well try get some window cleaning and also vacuum cleaning work too for rainy days… i love your attitude because its similar to mine and not enough people in this world have a positive attitude so i need all the positive shit i can get in this negative world lol keep producing the great content!

  13. ive studied marketing at university… marketing can be summed up in the 4 P's… price, product, place, promotion.

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