5000 demonstrate in Portland Oregon October 6, 2011

There was a feeling of peace here as young and old walked together to express what we all know. That the banks and the industrial war complex have brought poverty to the working people of this country and the richest pay the least taxes.
Nobody knows exactly what to do about it and there was no agenda or talk of a major movement, but this is a beginning. The powers that be can pretend that things will remain the same, but the volume will be turned up until the change occurs. The change that should have happened in the year 2000.
The new millennium was a big deal, but it was used to promote war and exploitation of global resources to increase the wealth and power of the few.

It did away with Mom&Pop businesses and promoted large defence industries, while it privatized our prison system, police forces, National Forests, state and county parks, and even our local chamber of commerce.

How well we know this, after 10 years of the same shadow government, yet they still play the game of them or us. the 99 %.

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