5 STEPS of WINDOW CLEANING – C & C Employee Training

C&C Window Cleaning requires a 5 step process to window cleaning that all EMPLOYEES are required to follow.

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16 thoughts on “5 STEPS of WINDOW CLEANING – C & C Employee Training

  1. tell you what, i would go hungry to bed in my cardbox home if i worked your pace.. its not rocket science

  2. you brushed all the dirt from the seal right on to the screen. I they weren't dirty the sure are now. I'm not ripping on you this is just something that you should stop doing and it would save you alot of time

  3. Great video showing with subtitles too has helped m to learn more about window cleaning as jut gone back into work

  4. have you ever had a client get their building sprayed for bugs and the spray got all over the glass, then baked on? It won't come off with normal washing. do y I u know of a quick efficient way to remove it? I was going to scrap and scrub with wool, then charge extra for each pane.

  5. remember guys the belt and tools I use are not the perfectly best belts that anybody can possibly use, I buy them all because I know exactly where to get replacements and if I hire somebody I know exactly where to send them; it is very easy as the business grows bigger. also if anything breaks there is no way a window cleaning company is going to return items, but Home Depot does all day long and I've never had an issue with it… trust me, it's a time and money saver like you would not believe over the years.

  6. This is an incredible process to efficiently move through window cleaning! I have used this personally, and it is working well!

  7. Sean, you could be right about the soap, I think that's the first time I've ever heard that, LOL.

    thus, is the world of entrepreneurs … always seeing the little things.

    also, I keep giving my good Boar's hair brush with the pointy tip to all of my Crews, so I had to use a piece of trash vinyl $3 brush.

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