IBM Smarter Planet: The City of Madrid and IBM Create an Innovative Emergency Response System IBM and the City of Madrid teamed up to create an innovative new response center that coordinates the resources and efforts of the police, fire, Discover A Lot More

Oregon US Congresswoman Suzanne Bonomici’s speech at the AACC VIP reception in Washington, DC

Roy Jay introduces Oregon US Congresswoman Suzanne Bonomici at the 2013 African American Chamber of Commerce VIP reception in Washington DC. She proceeds to give her top 10 reasons to bring your convention the the great state of Oregon with a Motown Discover A Lot More

Vlog: Reducing expectations; Gem Stare Temp Agency; St Marks food bank; Boise, Idaho; nice day

Reducing peoples expectations of you can also reduce the demands placed on you and relieve stress. Dissertation, service, review, high status, scarce, countries, work, employment, scarce, benefits, suits, wrongful, insurance, automated, network, Discover A Lot More