16mm Portland (OR) Civil Rights KOIN News Pull – MI# 07523 (R3)

March 1970 – July 1972; 16 mm, reversal, magnetic audio. For reference/educational purposes only. From KOIN Collection. Please contact OHS Moving Image Department with questions or permissions.

Shot List:

3/11/1970 Albina Survey; r results of survey of community on Blanchard’s plan for the 70’s revealed, canvas taken by human relations committee of PFT. 2 to 1 objected to 25% ceiling on black students proposed by Blanchard. Peggy Plosser, co-chairman of committee says survey showed 2 outstanding reactions. Frank Fair of teachers also speaks.

4/8/1970 Black Panthers; February shooting resulted in 4 organizations appearing before the City Council. They want to reopen the investigation into the shooting of 19 year old Albert Lee Williams at the Black Panther headquarters.

5/19/1970 Albina Rally; rally in Unthank Park, thought to be memorial service for recent shooting deaths of 8 southern blacks. Gathering to today memorial birthday of Malcolm X. Phil McLauren, director of Black Studies at PSU talks “need to get it together to challenge whites.

6/6/1970 Albina Clean Up; Oregon Army National Guard, Albina Ministerial Alliance and youngsters in Albina area joined forces to clean up the area. Company C, 141st support battalion in Portland and engineers from Tillamook. Father Gordon dickey paid 1 cent for every glass bottle taken to St. Andrew playfield.

7/21/1970 Portland City Council; briefed today on six-million dollar urban renewal project in vicinity of Emanuel Hospital.

9/4/1970 Shooting; Portland Black Panthers say they will impose a curfew in Albina following the shooting death of black man last night. 23 year-old Clarence Debnam died shots of phone booth where he was standing when shot.

9/12/1970 Albina Legal Aid Clinic (could be in 9/11); free legal aid clinic opened doors in Albina area. Located at 2509 N Williams Ave, Jay Folberg, Supervising attorney for the Albina Legal Aid Service was organizer & discussed the program.

9/22/1970 Albina; R.L. Anderson and Tom Wilson says there is conspiracy to put any outspoken Albina citizen involved in the Model Cities program behind bars. Anderson & Wilson named Schrunk and city council as perpetrators of the conspiracy.

7/29/1970 Emanuel Hospital; Portland Development Commission legal counsel, Oliver Norville tells city council the 6.3 million dollar project had approval of the planning commission and model cities citizen’s board. Lloyd Anderson asked why 3 planning said needed zoning suggestion. Tom Walsh says 3,000 person’s on waiting list for public housing & renewal project could add to problem.

10/21/1970 Emanuel Hospital; council chambers filled to capacity by member of Junior League who made up 1/2 of audience, members of Emanuel displaced persons assoc. said were concerned about being relocated with dignity & without financial loss. Mrs. Leo Warren, chairman of group presented council with 2 positions.

12/2/1970 Emanuel Hospital; group representing displaced persons in the path of Emanuel Hospital urban renewal project have successfully thrown a protesting wrench into the progress of plan. Emanuel Displaced Person’s Assoc. is 3 months old & organized by Robert Nelson of American Friends Service, summarized feeling of fear, afraid of increased mortgage payments. Attorney Holman Barnes says PDC failed to meet minority group assistance.

7/31/1972 Black Caucus; Fledgling Black Caucus moved deeper into the state’s political arena today with announcement of Oregon Black Agenda. Document is result of political convention. Lee Brown & John Toran talk.

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