10 Creepiest Tourist Attractions In America

Today CryptoQueen has gathered a list of the top 10 creepiest tourist attractions in america. Would you go visit any!?

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5 – Moundsville Penitentiary
This gothic style prison has a dark history with an estimated 1,000 inmates dying while under incarceration in this West Virginia haunt spot. Many died from neglect, others from inmate on inmate violence and a reported 94 men are rumoured to have been put to death inside these grim walls. The hallways are a catacomb of deceased spirits, the most infamous of these alleged ghosts, is the Shadow Man. There are many rumours as to the Shadow Man’s identity, some claim he was a maintenance man who met his fate after he was stabbed over and over by prisoners as penance for snitching to the guards. With historical tales of the prison break of 1979 and the riots of 1986, it stands to reason that many restless spirits will forever reside within the hollowed interior.

4 – The Stanley Hotel
This grisly location can be found inside Estes Park Colorado. What is this creepy looking hotel’s claim to fame you ask? These darkened halls are the inspiration for that infamous film, the Shining. Some of the best known local ghosts who live inside the multitude of rooms include the spirit of a young boy rumoured to reside inside room 1211. Another ghostly figure commonly spotted inside the hotel is an unknown young man who likes to hang out in closets of bedrooms. A former owner of the hotel named Mr. Stanley has been known to make his otherworldly presence known by appearing to frightened guests by lounging around the lobby or playing pool in the billiards room. Rumours also persist of Mr Stanley late wife also thought to wander the grounds, she is best known for entertaining guests by playing the lobby piano. This hotel offers ghost tours, so if you find yourself inside Colorado, this creepy nearly abandoned hotel may be an experience you need to explore for yourself.

3 – Lewiston Civic Theatre
From the town Lewiston located inside Idaho this theatre was once a local hot spot for fans of the theatre, now, it is a well-known haunt spot for fans of paranormal happenings. Whispers tell of Steven Pearsall, a former janitor for the building who went missing in 1982, his body was never recovered. The same night that Steven was last seen, two women, one who had formerly worked for the theatre, also went missing. Their bodies were discovered some two years later tied fast with rope which was traced back to a set design for a pirate play which ran at the Lewiston Civic Theatre. The theatre is still in operation to this very day, but many patrons have reported strange occurrences, such as a ghostly presence rumoured to freeze halls and shadowy apparitions are a common sight.

2 – The Whaley House
Thomas Whaley never believed in spirits or ghosts and saw no problem with purchasing land in San Diego which had once been used to execute prisoners in public gallows, nor did he see a difficulty with building an estate to house his family there. That is until the mysterious hauntings began which are believed to linger to this very day. The Whaley family is now believed to have been cursed after moving into the creepy residence. The family became plagued with suicides and strange usually unexplained deaths. One of the earliest phantoms thought to haunt this place is Yankee Jim. Rumour has it that Yankee Jim was convicted of grand larceny and hung in the gallows where the Whaley house now stands. There are also stories of a little girl ghost who haunts the parlour and the spectre of Anna Whaley, the youngest daughter of Thomas Whaley, has been seen playing in the courtyard.

1 – Shanghai Tunnels
You can find these cryptic hidden-away underground tunnels beneath Portland Oregon, rumours say that these darkened corridors were once used to kidnap unsuspecting men to sell as slaves aboard ships. This disturbing sinister practice was known as shanghaiing. These creepy tunnels are said to have had secret entrances in bars and saloons in old Portland so that shanghaiers could easily drop drunk men down into the dark maze-like tunnels. The captured men who perished before they could be collected to sell are said to still haunt these nine miles of what some call the underground city of the damned.

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